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Sweetie Buffet London, Hertfordshire & Essex
Our spectacular sweetie buffet - The fun begins!
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A Sweetie Buffet is the new alternative to a chocolate fountain - but without the mess. Your Sweetie Buffet can have up to 20 varieties of sweets, and we have over 50 to choose from.

Sweetie Buffet Includes:

- Minimum 100g per person
- Setup and collection
- Attendant for three hours
- Up to 20 different varieties of sweets
- Candy stripe paper bags
- Hiring of glassware, serving tongs and scoops
- Organza table dressing - matching your chosen colour scheme
- LED light bases

All sweeties are yours to keep, so any leftovers you can happily take home with you.

Please enquire for package deals and pricing

Optional Extras:

1. Cup cakes decorated to complement your theme
2. Mirror bases
3. Can be used as table centre pieces
4. Sweets can be presented in mini jars and given to guests as favours

Sweetie Buffet Selection List

Please note that some of the sweets may contain or have traces of nuts or nut oils.

American Hard Gums
Aniseed Balls
Assorted Lollies
Black Jacks
Fruit Salad Mix
Bon Bons
Candy Bananas
Candy Lipstick
Candy Canes
Candy Necklaces
Candy Whistles
Cherry Kisses
Chew Bars, Assorted
Chocolate Drops
Chocolate Eclairs
Chocolate Footballs
Chocolate Raisins
Chomp Bar
Coconut Mushrooms
Cola Bottles
Curly Wurlys
Dolly Mixtures
Drumstick Lollies
Everton Mints
Fish and Chips
Fizz Wizz Popping Candy
Fizzy Cola Bottles
Fizzy Jelly Dummies
Flying Saucers
Fried Eggs
Fruit Gums
Fruit Pastilles
Assorted Jellies
Heart Throbs
Imperial Mints
Jelly Babies
Jelly Beans
Jelly Cherries
Kola Cubes
Lager Tops
Licquorice Allsorts
Love Hearts - Mini Tubes
Midget Gems
Mini Eggs
Milk Mice
Pear Drops
Rainbow Drops
Refreshers Chews - Original
Rhubarb & Custard
Rosy Apples
Sherbet Lemons
Snowies - White Jazzies
Strawberry & Cream
Strawberry Laces
Wine Gums