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Ceiling & Themed Balloons London, Hertfordshire & Essex

Ceiling balloons are a great way to decorate a large space. Loosly scatter them all around your ceiling or tightly fit them for that great party effect.

Giant exploding gumballs are basically a large latex balloon filled with smaller balloons. Choose your special momment to pop it, releasing the contents all over the room.

Themed balloons are a way to show off your special occasion. Whether it is giant foil letters or numbers, theme balloons or sculptures, whatever the occasion be sure to find the ideal balloon for you.

Ceiling Balloons

- Consist of latex or foil balloons.
- Ring of balloons and dropnets can be added.
- Measurements of ceiling needed to estimate the amount of balloons needed

Ceiling Exploding Gumball Balloons

- Consist of a giant latex balloon stuffed with smaller ones.
- Themed balloons, confetti or feathers can be added.

Themed Balloons

Theme ballons come in many different colours and sizes. Please enquire for further assistance.